FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS [answers are subject to change]:

Q: When is the DTSA (Downtown Santa Ana) Art Walk?

A: Every first Saturday of each month and is typically the Opening Show for all Solo Exhibitions at GALLERY de FOX.

Q: How do I participate in the DTSA Art Walk at GALLERY de FOX?

A: In order to be added to the GALLERY de FOX Potential Artists list, you must: Email gallerydefox@gmail.com with a) your bio, b) why you want to show your work at GALLERY de FOX, c) 5 examples of your work, d) Follow GALLERY de FOX on all social media (if applicable); then will you be added to the list for consideration for all future shows.

Q: Do I have to commit to the show in advance?

A: Yes. Due to high demand of interest in showing at GALLERY de FOX, if selected as an Artist, you will be provided a Commitment Contract for your review and signature.

Q: Is there opportunity to expose the solo exhibition other than the Art Walk?

A: Yes. Depending on your contract there is opportunity for the Artist to hold gallery hours on other dates during the Commitment Term.

Q: Does GALLERY de FOX focus on one medium?

A: No. The gallery is open to all varieties of mediums in order to continue interest in new shows, Artists, and types of works.

Q: Does the gallery decide on the design of my show?

A: No. If the Artist wants influence on the design of the show, Amy Fox is happy to provide her opinion. However, the show is a work of art in itself and should be the vision of the Artist. In addition, Amy Fox may provide insight if something appears in need of it.

Q: Who installs the artwork and when?

A: The Artist is provided the Thursday and Friday prior to the Art Walk to complete installation of the entire show. Thursday = initial Installation, 6 hours max; Friday = finalization, 6 hours max. Bring anything you think you may need to install all work.

Q: Can I complete installation on the day of the Art Walk?

A: No additional preparation time is provided on the day of the Art Walk. The Artist may arrive at 5:00 pm on the day of the Art Walk. The gallery will open promptly at the start of the DTSA Art Walk, 6:00 pm.

Q: Is there a maximum of pieces in any given show?

A: Not really. But it is encouraged to keep the wall space clean, sharp and not overwhelmed. Typically, the comfortable amount is anywhere between 10-18, obviously depending on size.

Q: Can I store boxes, supplies, and other belongings at the gallery during the term of the commitment?

A: No.

Q: Is the gallery open during regular business hours?

A: At this time the gallery does not have regular business hours. A four (4) hour notice for private showings is required.

Q: What if it ends up raining on the night of my show?

A: GALLERY de FOX is not responsible for weather or other local events affecting shows.

Q: Who is responsible for the marketing efforts and costs of any given show?

A: The artist is responsible for marketing of any/all events. However, promotional material with GALLERY de FOX logo or name, must be presented to and approved by Amy Fox prior to publicizing. GALLERY de FOX will promote the Artist on the website and to some extent via social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) throughout the term of the commitment.

Q: May I bring in wine or snacks for my shows?

A: Yes. Artist is responsible to provide and remove all food and beverage for all shows. Non-alcoholic beverages and wine only, no hard liquor [no underage drinking permitted in association with GALLERY de FOX]. No foods that will leave a mess, please.