ARTIST VIII: GALLERY de FOX lines & layers


This exhibition, designed with life experiences in mind, the pathways encountered, crossed, avoided (intentionally and unintentionally), embraces the process of accepting such and moving forward. More specifically, the role of perfectionism in these specific pieces holds massive consideration and weight. Allowing the release of unrealistic expectations, past, present and future, is a method, which through this practice will produce joy. This particular joy gives one’s life story progressive drive.


Every person has a life story, and each story can be expressed through art form. The Fox Method is elementary and transfers therapeutic relief from one’s mind to the canvas. Allow yourself, as an artist, a therapeutic engagement and opportunity to fathom your inner emotion through The Fox Method an art practice designed by AMY FOX.

Thank you for supporting the arts and encouraging all imaginable positivity from it.

ARTIST VI: Lorraine Pasqualini

Santa Monica Pier

“Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there” – Miles Davis

“One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist…Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist” – Stephen Hawking

Artistic expression has always been a fundamental part of my life. As a self-taught photographer, I love the freedom the camera affords me to create images as seen through my world view. I shoot what captures my imagination. I’m fascinated by the manipulation of light and movement to create a deconstructed image. That fascination speaks to my observations that there’s always more than meets the eye. Take a look deeper, behind, beside, around, and beyond. I invite you to explore the layers of these images. No photography apps are used to enhance my images.

I consider my relationships the best inspiration for my art…relationships with my family and friends, my community, my planet. And a sense of humor.

My work has been exhibited at the Showcase Gallery in South Coast Plaza Village located in Santa Ana, CA, AvantGarden the Art Gallery located in the Santora Building in Santa Ana, CA, and through various exhibits with The Santa Ana Community Artist/a Coalition, Santa Ana, CA.

I live in Newport Beach, CA.

ARTIST V: Kebe Fox

lighten_up  IMG_2653

Primarily self-taught and raised in suburban Diamond Bar, California, Fox
currently resides at the Ad Arts Colony in Santa Ana. Inspired by the colorful
Los Angeles underground art scene in the 1980’s and ethereal artists like
Remedios Varos, Fox has cultivated a style where subtle commentary on
human behavior is coupled with vivid color schemes and moods. Dimension
is utilized as works are deconstructed/cut or layers added.

ARTIST IV: Erin Vaughan

unnamedErin Vaughan is a freelance illustrator in Los Angeles, California. She most frequently works as a freelance artist, and in addition is Co-Owner and illustrator to Golden Pines Paper Shop.

Erin’s personal work contains imagery inspired by nostalgia from her travels, and a deep love of the outdoors. For Erin, painting is a way of exploring her memory, and recapturing it through the particular language of her hand. In her shop, this work has taken on the form of 3-D installations, custom illustrations, calendars, and art prints.

As a freelance illustrator, Erin does a wide range of work for businesses and individuals. She works closely with her clients to deliver a product that is well tailored to their needs and desires. In the past, Erin has worked with customers to develop custom artwork, branding and stationary, editorial illustration, and so on.

Music, coffee, and her dog Maddy are Erin’s faithful studio companions. 

ARTIST III: Franky Castle

palm t

Franky Castle is an emerging artist from Orange County and Owner of Art Castle Studio. After spending over 18 years as a small business owner in the Wireless Phone industry, he is finally able to spend time focusing on doing what he loves, painting.

Franky’s works include a blend of 2 worlds and influences. At an early age he was exposed to urban cultures such as, street art, hip-hop, and graffiti. You will notice and appreciate the touch of urban freestyle in all of his pieces. In addition, Franky is proud of his Mexican heritage and you will find his works are influenced by the histories of Aztec, Mayan, old world Spain. The vibrant colors and identities of beaches and jungles are also captured in Franky’s pieces, as he loves painting these beautiful and natural landscapes.

Franky has a deep appreciation for the arts and is huge supporter of giving back to his community. His other talents include design, photography, and film. Frank Castle is on the road to establishing himself as a full time artist and is looking forward to a positive future: doing what he loves.

ARTIST II: Matthew Grant Anson


Los Angeles – In a city known for it’s glitzy, glamorous and trendsetting atmosphere, Matthew Grant Anson takes us on a journey with places that are marked by economic disparity and social issues attached to having an economy driven by international trade, entertainment and films. Anson utilizes vibrant colors and strong compositional angles to display unfettered urban life, some showing candid portraits of local personalities, others weaved into unique landscape compositions.

Anson, a native to the city, finds that even after having lived in LA his entire life, is still able to discover new pockets, corners, and cultures that he was unaware existed before stepping off from the Metro. His photographs are individual documentative artifacts that tell unique and engaging stories of the people, places, and discarded objects that he meets along his expeditions. Anson, through brazen, audacious and sometimes dangerous and unpredictable means, allows us a window to the raw, unfiltered and refreshing recontextualization of the urban, social and environmental niches that inhabit the vast and boundless city of LA.

The exhibition is presented by Gallery de Fox and was curated by Alyssa Arney and Natalie Mik.

Matthew Grant Anson was born in Santa Monica and grew up in the Glendale area. He first found an interest in photography while earning his BA in political science at Whittier College. He began shooting in underground LA punk shows located in people’s homes and backyards. Since graduating in 2013, Anson has expanded his subject to primarily street photography and exploring the humans, environments, and architectures within the limitless nature of the city. Anson’s use of the Metro as an artistic conduit dictates where his day of exploration will begin and is pivotal to his technique for weaving through the diverse fabric of the city.

Curators Natalie Mik & Alyssa Arney, known for their previous collaborative project titled ‘Apartment Art’, a group exhibition that took place in Indianapolis this year in April, have again teamed up to create an engaging show where the city becomes the story and the artistic process the focal point.