ARTIST III: Franky Castle

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Franky Castle is an emerging artist from Orange County and Owner of Art Castle Studio. After spending over 18 years as a small business owner in the Wireless Phone industry, he is finally able to spend time focusing on doing what he loves, painting.

Franky’s works include a blend of 2 worlds and influences. At an early age he was exposed to urban cultures such as, street art, hip-hop, and graffiti. You will notice and appreciate the touch of urban freestyle in all of his pieces. In addition, Franky is proud of his Mexican heritage and you will find his works are influenced by the histories of Aztec, Mayan, old world Spain. The vibrant colors and identities of beaches and jungles are also captured in Franky’s pieces, as he loves painting these beautiful and natural landscapes.

Franky has a deep appreciation for the arts and is huge supporter of giving back to his community. His other talents include design, photography, and film. Frank Castle is on the road to establishing himself as a full time artist and is looking forward to a positive future: doing what he loves.


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