ARTIST XVI: Cynthia Law

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Small abstract work:  Exploration with paper

“I love the qualities of paper and its endless variety.  My work explores the use of paper as colors, textures, and patterns to create small abstract images, with some use of paint and color pencil for enhancement.  The process of each work is like a unique journey that takes me to a place I could have never known, a place I try to seek beyond the surface of the work.” – Cynthia Law (IG:

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ARTIST XV: Healing Circles: Mandalas for Marinke


Presented by Threadwinners in collaboration with Kathryn Vercillo

Opening Reception
Jan. 6, 6 – 10PM

Special Event Dates (Details TBA):
Jan. 20 & 27

Closing Reception
Feb. 3, 6 – 10PM

GALLERY de FOX presents Healing Circles: Mandalas for Marinke, a collaborative crochet art installation by San Francisco-based crafter and writer Kathryn Vercillo and the local crochet collaborative Threadwinners (Alyssa Arney and Liz Flynn).

Join us for the opening reception at GALLERY de FOX on Saturday, January 6, from 6 – 10PM.

Mandalas for Marinke, spearheaded by writer and crafter Kathryn Vercillo, is a widespread community-based crochet project that honors and remembers the life of Marinke Slump, known to the online community as Wink from her blog A Creative Being. Wink, unfortunately, took her own life in 2015, which devastated Vercillo. To work through her sadness and depression, she reached out to the vast network of crocheters, knitters, and crafters to create and collect beautiful, vibrant mandalas in Marinke’s memory. Intended to raise mental health awareness and address suicide prevention, this collection of over 1,000 handmade mandalas is a testament to the meditative, reflective outlet that the art of crochet can provide. Healing Circles at GALLERY de FOX is a very special installation of this vast online project that invites guests to come together, reflect, and perhaps heal or reconcile traumas of the past and present.

Admission is free; donations are welcome. A portion of proceeds from exhibition sales will go towards the next steps of the Mandalas for Marinke project.

Stop by to see the show on:
Saturday, January 20 – Event details TBA
Saturday, January 27 – Event details TBA
Saturday, February 3 – Closing reception, 6 – 10PM


Brooch: The Subject

Miniature works of art in metal and gem stones attracted me to the idea of creating a collection of large-format brooches in various shapes and styles.

I’m especially excited about the Victorian and Art Deco aspects of using insects to convey the gems into fashion-ware.

The idea of these lovely little forms gently landing on a woman’s shoulder or lapel is whimsical and enchanting.

James is a self-taught painter from Gary, Indiana, and finds great joy in envisioning whimsical and high-contrast items and places in photorealistic settings. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his husband Dennis and their best pal Forest.

CANVAS I 2017 Artist Line Up

Presenting a Variety of Artwork “PROMOTE PEACE USA”

I. Matthew Southgate

“American Spring 2017”


II. Sapira Cheuk

“I didn’t like it”


III. Fernando Moreno



IV. No entry received

V. Kebe Fox

“Pipe Dream”

VI. Edith Jimenez

“Two Fingers”

VII. Jorge Meza [WINNER]



VIII. Jenn Rehmann



IX. Patty Goethals

“Peace on Earth”

X. Matthew Goethals

“I’m Fired”

XI. Rebecca Goethals

“Peace Garden”

ARTIST XIII: Karen K. Redding


No Mud, No Lotus Solo Exhibition

Photography:  Travels Through Humanity

Karen K Redding had her first photography show in 2008, and entered the field of photography with a professional mental health background.   She has worked as a clinical social worker and psychoanalyst with a private practice in Laguna Beach, California.  As an avid world traveler, her mental health background and meditation practice inspires a deep relationship to her subject and offers a reflective interpretation of what she sees.

Travels Through Humanity is the name of her growing body of photographic work, taken in remote places throughout the world.  It has received attention in several art exhibits in Southern California.  This work embraces the human landscape of diversity while also highlighting core values of people everywhere:  a need for connection, a quest for safety and sense of belonging, and an innate desire to be seen and accepted deeply.

This newest work, No Mud, No Lotus highlights photographic images from the Kingdom of Bhutan, a small country located entirely within the Himalaya mountain range, bordered by China in the north and India in the south.  Bhutan places its highest value on ‘gross national happiness,’ used to measure the collective happiness in a nation.

This body of work shows the many facets of happiness that grow from the daily practice of generosity, kindness, and compassion, and offers a glimpse of what peace looks like when we can meet ourselves and each other in a more kind and compassionate way.


canvas snapshot In an effort to provide opportunity and exposure to more artists and encourage all to use art as a form of therapy, GALLERY de FOX presents,

CANVAS: Call [for] Artists; [the] Nouveaux Variety Art Show.


I. PICK A SIZE  12 X 12 – $30    or      8 X 8 – $20


Cash | Credit | No Refunds

[email to pay for, reserve and pick up your CANVAS entry; OR purchase at Art Walk; limited entries available.]


IV. SUBMIT CANVAS No Later than deadline | No Exceptions

[Artists Notified if selected]


> Must purchase canvas through GALLERY de FOX, and use said canvas as entry. All canvases are logged with a individual number into the CANVAS show log.

> Each canvas purchase includes entry fee into juried show, artists name on GALLERY de FOX website and possibly other social media outlets.

> Submitted entry must be related to theme in order to be considered.

> Submitted entry size must not exceed out more than 1/2 inch on each side.

> Maximum of 4 entries total per artist.

> Decision on where piece hangs in gallery is left to GALLERY de FOX.

> Decision to sell or NFS at Art Walk is up to artist.


meadow      diamond-ice

The High Sign Solo Exhibition

“They deserve to be displayed high on the wall. That’s the elevation in which they live.”

I’m delighted to present this selection of pieces I’ve painted from street signage I’ve found across the country. Several of the pieces were discovered while strolling the streets surrounding the GALLERIA de FOX venue in Santa Ana, CA.

A trusted critic once said my work was “very pedestrian.” It took me several days to realize he wasn’t paying a compliment.

Regardless, I’ve always been attracted to the beauty and design of on-street signage and architectural marketing. Whether its a classic neon shingle, the face of an elegant clock tower, or an ornate lamppost – I enjoy capturing these wonders of spacial marketing in their natural environment.

I tend to paint in larger formats. Smaller compositions could never allow me to fully convey the sense of gravity – the command of attention – that these signs invoke in me. I paint them from low angles to illustrate the way we pedestrians see them – like giant inanimate carnival barkers, shouting down at us to “come on in!” – James Gray

James is a self-taught artist with over 30 years specializing in acrylics. James currently lives in Atlanta, GA. Email for commission information.



Give Thanks & Vakna Art Benefit – FROM Greece, with LOVE

Coloring Skaramangas

“Coloring Skaramangas is a mixed media project that I began while I worked with displaced children and adults at Skaramangas refugee camp since April [2016]. I have spent many afternoons volunteering as an art teacher at Hope School and doing rogue art projects with children that I would round up. These are kids, that with little playthings of their own, make fun  out of anything that they can find, from a grocery bag to a broken umbrella, so you can imagine their delight when you bring them color, paper and paints. After art, I spend my evenings chatting with a group of Syrian cousins that I call friends. These young guys are used to attending university and going out with friends in their hometown. With pride, they would show me pictures  of the cities they had left behind – Hama and Damascus. Now they are living together, 6 people to a 10′ x 15′ space without a job or much to do with themselves. With these experiences, I began to see how daily life as a refugee can be viewed as without color. This is a project where refugees can add life to their black and white existence.” Vakna – Local Photographer  & Volunteer

“In the short-term, drawing and painting makes children feel good and whole, responsible and empowered. It removed them from the refugee camp environment and focuses them on the present moment. The goal is to take them out of their misery and give them a chance to be a child again, they’re a child doing art.” – Sushma Legendre McIntosh, Art Therapist

“After spending time volunteering several times with refugees who have fled war and violence in their home countries of Syria, Afghanistan, and throughout the Middle East who have ended up stranded in Germany and Greece, it has become clear to me that the displaced people need a creative outlet and some activity in order to cope with life in the camps there. The families I met live in places like improvised tent cities and converted schools. Women and children have little activity. Without having a country to really call home or right to work, they are also in need of a source of funds to help purchase items they need and to get back on their feet. 

This project is in direct response to the growing population of refugees living in camps all over Europe. We will work with partners on the ground in Germany, with over 1.1 million, and Greece, with over 56,000 people living without a permanent home or lifestyle. Our campaign aims to start a non-profit to provide volunteers, supplies and art projects for the children, and sewing  or crochet projects for the women. Your donation will go towards these items, as well as the creation of jewelry, t-shirts and purses made from these art projects with proceeds from the sales directly befitting the refugees.” – Rebecca Castillo – Founder, GIVE THANKS (Contact: @givethankstorefugees





“HK City Taxi Rain I” “HK City Taxi Rain II” “HK City Taxi Rain III”

Price Upon Request



Shepard Fairey Poster (286/300 signed) “Visual Disobedience Exhibition” Hong Kong

Private Collection – NFS

Shepard Fairey Poster (Exhibition Poster) “Visual Disobedience Exhibition” Hong Kong

Private Collection – NFS



Temple Street vendor, Hong Kong “Schumann”

Price Upon Request 

Temple Street vendor, Hong Kong “Schumann’s Friend”