ARTIST IV: Erin Vaughan

unnamedErin Vaughan is a freelance illustrator in Los Angeles, California. She most frequently works as a freelance artist, and in addition is Co-Owner and illustrator to Golden Pines Paper Shop.

Erin’s personal work contains imagery inspired by nostalgia from her travels, and a deep love of the outdoors. For Erin, painting is a way of exploring her memory, and recapturing it through the particular language of her hand. In her shop, this work has taken on the form of 3-D installations, custom illustrations, calendars, and art prints.

As a freelance illustrator, Erin does a wide range of work for businesses and individuals. She works closely with her clients to deliver a product that is well tailored to their needs and desires. In the past, Erin has worked with customers to develop custom artwork, branding and stationary, editorial illustration, and so on.

Music, coffee, and her dog Maddy are Erin’s faithful studio companions. 


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